Computer & Mac Repair In The Lehigh Valley Just Got Easier.

We offer PC & Mac repair at all of our Lehigh Valley locations. All of our technicians in our PC/Mac department are certified electronics technicians or certified by Apple. We only allow the highest skilled technicians to perform repairs on your PC or MacBook.

Our Repair Services Include:
Cracked Screen/LCD Repair (PC, Mac, MacBook, Laptops)
Liquid Damage & Water Damage Repair (PC & Mac)
Keyboard/Trackpad Replacement (PC & MacBook)
Data Recovery & Virus Removal (PC & Mac)
Upgrades and Performance Mods (PC & Mac)
Diagnostic Services (PC & Mac)
Motherboard Replacement/Reflow (PC & Mac)

Due to the nature of these repairs we must perform a diagnosis on your machine in order to give you an accurate quote. Please call us to speak with a technician and let’s get that computer fixed!

Call Us!
610-841-3399 Allentown
484-707-5088 Bethelehem


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