iPhone Repair Offered At All Mobile Genius Locations!
iPhone 5S Repair
iPhone 5C Repair
iPhone 5 Repair
iPhone 4/4S Repair
iPhone 3G/3GS Repair

iPhone Repair
We have been repairing iPhones since 2009. We were the first in the Lehigh Valley to offer certified iPhone repairs in our first location in Allentown, PA. All of our repairs are completed in-house using authentic parts. Our team can handle anything from a cracked screen to a water damaged phone. Our 1 year warranty allows you to have confidence in not only our workmanship but also our parts.

Our walk-in location boasts repairs in as little as 15 minutes for most devices. Our proprietary water damage service takes up to 24 hours. Through the years we have held our 88% success rate with water damaged iPhones leading the industry in success rates. You will find a comfortable waiting area with access to both power and WiFi to keep you connected via other means while your iPhone is being repaired. We perform all repairs in the same location, you can even watch your device being repaired at our observation station. A complimentary cleaning and diagnosis is included with every repair.

To see our repair prices or to order online head over to our website www.FixMyiPhone.com



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