iPhone 6 Plus Sells Out: Apple’s Biggest iPhone Launch Ever?

iPhone 6 landscape mode

Anyone who can appreciate technology (or those who live within the Apple ecosystem) was on edge watching Apple’s recent keynote speech in which Tim Cook and team launched two iPhones and the long awaited Apple Watch. Launching 3 products in an extreme task of design and engineering, especially when you are creating a device this technologically advanced.

iphone 6 sells out lehigh valley
Pre-orders for the device began Friday September 12th on all national carriers in which Apple has agreements. With a starting price of $199 for the iPhone 6 and $299 for the iPhone 6 Plus most experts agreed that the iPhone 6 would sell out before the Plus. The release of a larger iPhone is a first for Apple much less the release of two larger iPhones, one being 5.5 inches far beyond Jobs’ idea of the “perfect device”.


The iPhone 6 Plus has sold out on all major carriers including Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T within the United states. One is to wonder how fast the remaining stock will sellout when overseas pre-orders begin on September 26th.

Luckily those in our team were able to get a few iPhone 6 Plus orders placed before the sellout and we’ll be sure to show everyone a complete tear down of Apple’s new creation. We will also have an iPhone 6 (4.7 inch, Space Grey).  We are current stocking replacement parts and working on iPhone 6 Repairs for our local Lehigh Valley customers and our national corporate clients. We will begin offering online repairs within 2-4 weeks after the initial release date in order to ensure we can deploy the new devices to those clients whom are part of our program.

We will have the tear down of both new iPhones coming soon!


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