iPhone 6 Final Predictions

Final predictions:

iPhone6 with a 4.7inch screen, unibody design, iOS8.0, Apple’s Health book, 3MP FaceTime camera moved back to the left side of the earpiece, rear camera larger lens with iSight technology (not expecting higher MP since their chip technology doesn’t need it for better photos), 2,100 mAh battery, and of course touch ID.

Personally I don’t think sapphire production is yielding what it needs to be for profitable displays. My final prediction is if we see a sapphire display it will be for a smaller screened iWatch but will be appearing on iPhones in the near future.

As I’ve said for the last few months after reviewing the sheer size (in GB) of iOS 8.0 and the size of current apps I don’t predict Apple to release a 16GB version. If they do they will skip the 32GB version and go straight to 64GB & the mother of all storage: 128GB. Many people have debated with me on this prediction but I’m holding firm, we will see a 128GB iPhone today.

Watch the live keynote here:

Let’s see what happens!

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