iPhone 6 Release September 9th?

Apple’s Event: Why September 9th?

iPhone 6, The iWatch?

Over the last 5 years we’ve been fortunate enough to follow the iPhone rumor mill and utilize our contacts overseas at times to validate or disclaim statements throughout the industry. 

With these contacts and our dedicated team we’ve been able to accomplish some amazing things. We were the first U.S. company to have a white iPhone 4 in the early stages of our startup and the first in the world to have an iPhone 5 ahead of major players in the industry. 

Most of those who follow the mill know about this but those whom don’t: 5 days ago an insanely credible (we can vouch for the last 5 years) source stated that Apple will hold it’s next big event on September 9th. 

This source also informed that this event will result in the release of the iPhone 6 as well as the iWatch. We’ve spoke about the iWatch for almost 2 years now, jeez rumors mills are traps!

So let’s break it down:
Credible source states September 9th event (not yet announced by Apple). 
Event will announce two devices both the larger 4.7 inch iPhone 6 as well as the rumored curved display iWatch. 
We can take this as 99% correct as this source has had a 100% success rate over the last half a decade. 
Almost all of the industry companies are reported these statements as in fact true knowing the source of information.
An earlier release date accomplishes a few positive business strategies for Apple:
More time to sell units before the end of the last quarter holiday sales goals.
Create more full priced sales within it’s own retail environment than through service providers due to conflicting upgrade dates. 
Close the gap between iPhone and iPad releases as the company wants customers to utilize both devices daily.
So Why Is September 9th Important?

Apple has used this date only twice in the history of the company and both times were iPod related. Coincidently the two times they used this date two revolutionary products were released, the iPod and iTunes. This date is much earlier than any past iPhone release. With both Foxconn and Petragon both full filling Apple’s 90 million unit order we are wondering if we will see a higher failure or defect rate than usual. We have noticed the difference in quality of the internals of the current iPhones assembled by Petragon. 

As usual we can all assume the new iPhone will be faster, thinner, lighter, etc, etc as is always the case but from where we stand now with facts and rumors this new release should be a game changing device. 

We reported last year that Apple had purchased some pretty pricey machines that were made to produce a curved piece of glass. After they were purchased not much more news surfaced but for the time being we concluded that this was for the iWatch project. 

We’ve now learned over the last couple years those machines were used in an attempt to create curved glass screens for an iWatch prototype with little success. The failure lied with the final product of the process with either: the product or the process, soon after the idea of curved glass was scraped. The team at Apple seeked an alternative solution and sapphire kept popping up internally and the decision was made that Apple was going to make this happen. 

Problems they face is the high cost and low yield of production, the long timeframe to construct a facility, and the ability to even produce a large enough piece of flawless sapphire. 

The solution? Find a partner who has all of the above. Apple know there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. This brings on Apple’s relationship with GT Technologies. 

The relationship with GT Technologies is a public one, something Apple isn’t used to doing. For those who don’t know about GT: They are a sapphire manufacturer that Apple outfitted with all of its sapphire needs. While the 5S home button is sapphire a company wouldn’t make that large of a move strategically to lower the cost or innovate upon the home button alone. This material although not crack proof is worlds of difference than what Apple has used in the past.

The timeframe of this partnership either shows there’s now a product made or damn close to it. As a company we can say sapphire is coming to iDevices. What does this mean for repair shops? 

Diversify. Also purchase authentic sapphire for screen replacements. This will definitely be a glass only repair. Don’t cheapen your product for the sake of short term profit.



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