iFixit “Owners” Toolkit How To: Thin as a Quarter

thin as a quarter!

As a smartphone and tablet repair shop owner (especially those with multiple locations) you already have plenty to carry around with you on a daily basis. Everything from a laptop, tablets, files, external hard drives, battery backups, business cards, snacks, etc. seem to make any work bag scream at the seams. 

Most owners carry a toolkit with them at all times only adding to the bulk of your daily carry bag. Personally I am always looking for ways to minimize what I carry. When my bag simply couldn’t hold any more items (currently carrying: 15″ i7 MacBook Pro, iPad Mini, note pad, file folders, spare contacts, mints, business cards, business checks, Mophie block, USB cables, Square reader, highlighters & pens, B2B materials, and I’m sure I’m missing a few things) I decided to perform my annual “purge” of items. 

My preferred toolkit is a Pro Kit from iFixit:

iFixit Pro Kit

(we all know they’re the best!) but it was causing massive space issues, so I made some modifications with the goal of achieving a thickness of a quarter (maybe a penny?) or less.

The first thing I did was to inventory the iFixit kit and focused on the following:

  • What do I need in case of emergency repairs while managing my B2B clients
  • What do I have at each store that I can use if I’m at a location
  • What can I afford to not carry daily when driving my usual 100+ miles

This resulted in removing the ESD wrist strap (as we have plenty, everywhere) and substituted this with a pair of blue gloves (the best of the best if your searching for the right brand).

iFixit ESD strap
iFixit Toolkit
Now, we have plenty of gloves at each location but off-site these are a must and it’s much easier than carrying an entire box with you everywhere you go.

The next thing I can “afford to lose” is the plastic driver/bit case in the center of the kit. This is the main culprit when it comes to decreasing the thickness of the kit overall. I know, I know if I take this out then what am I going to use for drivers and bits? I’m not insane (well, not on paper) let’s keep rocking here…

I can simply put the driver in the right pocket and the most popular bits (you won’t have them all but you’ll have enough!) in the bottom left pocket since I now have room without the ESD wrist strap in play. You can even create your own “mix of bits” in each rubberized holder creating even more options at your disposal.

iFixit kit customized

Since iFixit has the great rubber bit holders they fit well and there’s no worrying about losing one bit due to it slipping out of the kit rushing out of one place to goto another.

With all of this done I was pretty happy with the results. I have everything I could possibly need if something were to go haywire while I’m in between locations and/or clients. Best of all the end result is thinner than a Quarter and fits perfectly in my “daily carry” work bag.

thin as a quarter!
It can even be as thin as a penny if you give it a good flattening lol.

If anyone has done this drop a comment below and let me know what your carrying daily versus what I have here. The best results always come from different sources, and remember two brains are better than one!

As always keep rockin!
Josh MacGown


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