iPhone Repair In Lehigh Valley: How We Have Been Successful

The amount of iPhone Repair providers in the Lehigh Valley is larger now than ever.

Mobile Genius started the wave in 2009 with the first dedicated iPhone Repair shop in the Lehigh Valley. Following in the new craze other retail businesses started adding iPhone repair to their portfolio.

Many of these repair companies have already closed due to quality, customer service, and supply issues. Mobile Genius has had a focus on quality over quantity since its creation.

“…at the same time we have had our fair share of hiccups with quality issues over the last 4 years, it’s how we learned (and corrected) these issues” Founder, MacGown in response.

Mobile Genius has always boasted a one year warranty on their repairs, this includes iPhone and iPad screen repair.

So how do you become successful repairing iPhones? This obviously can not be summed up into one blog post but there are a few keys that helped in our success:

Customer Service
Original Repair Parts
Free Advice / Support
1 Year Warranty
Customer Follow Up

iPhone Repair is changing and evolving and Mobile Genius is leading the way. The company has gone from a small 5th floor office space to a full scale company with a dedicated B2B sales team.

“A large part of the future of mobile repair is diversity, those who only repair iOS (Apple) devices will not survive Apple’s new initiatives (not yet published)…”

“iPhones will always break there never will be a “crack proof” screen but how Apple handles these cases is changing and we have been aware of these changes for years…” MacGown in reference to the evolution of mobile repairs.

“The last year we began a large initiative to repair all smartphones and tablets. Now our repair center can repair any device that has parts availability.” Jose Maury of Mobile Genius.

In this business there isn’t a recipe of “how to succeed” but Mobile Genius has proved it’s legitimacy as this month marks the company’s 4th year anniversary.


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