iPad Mini Digitizer: Includes IC Chip & Home Soldered

We now have the fully assembled iPad Mini Digitizer rolling out of our production line!


For those of you who have tried (or is about to try) to repair your iPad Mini yourself we have a few words of advice. You will all run into a common problem: You have to solder. Soldering puts this DIY repair out of reach for most but we now have a custom solution for all!

The repair process actually involves the soldering of the digitizer to a chip within the iPad Mini. This can be a very time consuming process for repair shops and we have been hearing it from our clients as their “number one production killer”. So we have set out to change that. We are currently producing and supplying fully soldered, ready to go iPad Mini digitizers in white or black.

If you purchase the complete Do It Yourself iPad Mini Glass repair kit you will receive multiple tools that will help you perform like a pro. For our current repair customers who order in bulk please contact your representative for a price quote. As usual our great warranty is offered as well!
We will continue to provide the highest quality parts in the industry while investing in future products to help the DIY’er or the repair shop owner!


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