How To: Capture A Photo Of Your iDevice Screen

There are many reasons why you may want to capture the image that your screen displays on your phone, iPad or iPod. Some of these reasons may be that you want to capture a picture off the Internet, an picture of an SMS conversation, icon layout for future reference, or the map of Lehigh Valley hot spots.

This can be accomplished easily although many iDevice users do not know the feature exists.

Step 1: Get to the screen that you want to save.
Goto the screen on your phone, iPad or iPod touch that you want to capture. Make sure that the image displayed on your screen is the exact image that you would like to save to your device’s camera roll. The screenshot that you will be saving will be an exact duplicate of what you see.

Step 2: Time to snap that screen shot!
The screenshot process on Apple mobile devices is actually quite simple. Wether you are using the Apple phone, iPad or iPod the process is the same. After you have completed the first step in this guide you are ready to snap the screen shot! Simply press the sleep/wake button (also known as the power button on the top right of your device) while simultaneously pressing the home button (the circle button at the lower portion of the screen that returns you to the home screen). If you have done this successfully you will see the screen flash white and also hear the camera sound.

Step 3: Accessing your saved screenshot
Now that you have successfully captured the screen shot of your choice it’s time to view it! All screen shots are saved on your device’s camera roll or photo album. To access this press the “photos” icon on your home screen or open your camera and double tap the small picture in the lower left hand side of the screen and this will bring up your camera roll.

What can you do with the saved screenshot on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod?
Well, absolutely anything! You can modify or edit the picture (iOS 5.0 or higher) you can send the picture via SMS, email, or even use it as your background or lockscreen (and no a cracked screen doesn’t affect your ability to capture screenshots!).


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