Mobile Genius Provides On-Site Training & Repair

Mobile Genius has always held a strong belief of “Good Advice, Free” offering assistance to customers free of charge.

The small business has the same goal as it’s customers, repair or replace their device at the lowest possible cost. They will offer their opinion when a repair is more than the device’s worth, even if it means losing business.

“We want to help people…most devices today do not include instruction. We offer training for business optimization to syncing a customers iCloud account, it’s our way of doing business…” MacGown (Founder, Mobile Genius) says.

In store you will frequently hear phone conversations answering a range of questions from general repair questions to assistance syncing their iTunes account. It’s a culture the startup embraced at creation and has instilled amongst it’s employees.

The company announced that it will now take it’s tech support on the road. The goal behind the move? Mobile Genius wants to help educate and train the simple user to the most advanced business person. The team is capable of on-site training (on a variety of iPhone & iPad) for large groups fully complimented with large scale media.

They offer an easy to understand price structure with fees for certain customers over the mileage requirements. As for corporate clients on-site training and repair has been available for years.

Mobile Genius can set up your wifi network, install security & home automation (control your entire house through iPhone/iPad), backup all media, general computer problems, and even complete office builds.


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