Cellphone Repair: Lehigh Valley’s Solution

Cellphone Repair in the Lehigh Valley is nothing new to the team at Mobile Genius. The small business has been featured in multiple public news outlets since their launch in 2009.

Starting with a focus solely on Apple’s increasingly popular iPhone, the company has evolved with Apple to include the iPad, iPod Touch, and even MacBook repair.

As the mobile market place changes Mobile Genius is keeping pace offering new repairs with each new device release. Wether you need a Samsung Galaxy screen repair or a water damage service on your HTC phone, they have you covered.

“Our goal is to provide repairs for all smartphones in the current marketplace. This initiative will guarantee growth year over year”
Josh MacGown
Founder, Mobile Genius

Following in the leadership of MacGown, Mobile Genius is at the helm of smartphone repair throughout the area. They continue to invest in the future by facilitating in house training and even fabricating their own tools for certain repairs.

This training is making way for the repair of Samsung, Motorola, LG, and even HTC devices.

Mobile Genius is indeed more than just iPhones. Impressive from a 3 year old start up from the Lehigh Valley.



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