iPad Tips: It’s All About Gestures

iPad Tips: It’s All About Gestures
Undoubtedly these devices have enough power to plow through everyday tasks as you multitask between work and your Facebook stalking. Read up on the latest gestures to really take your iPad game to the next level.

In order to utilize the tips in this write up you will need to enable “Gestures” on your device. What are gestures? Gestures are a series of different hand movements that will trigger your iPad to perform different actions. In layman’s terms it’s like sign language for your iPad.

It’s pretty easy, simply enable Gestures through Settings > General and you’re all set.

Quick App Switching
You can scroll between apps quite easily in iOS 5.0 or later. Simply use all five fingers to “swipe” from right to left on your iPad screen, if you are doing it correctly you will be able to scroll between all apps open on the multitask menu.

Bring Up The Multitask Menu
Most users already know that double tapping the home button on your device will cause the multitask menu to arise from the bottom of your screen, but did you know you can use a gesture? Place four fingers on the screen and “swipe” up (or vertical) to rise the multitask menu. Easy enough right?

Bring Me Home!
The whole point of gestures is to allow the user to navigate and perform tasks without having to use the physical buttons of the iPad. While you are in any app place five fingers spread wide on the screen then pinch all five fingers together, the application will “pinch in” and the home screen will be revealed!

Thumbs, I’m All Thumbs!
Do you find yourself typing with only your thumbs on your iPad? Well, unless you have enormous thumbs this is a bit tricky for most. The iPad keyboard can actually be “split” (in portrait or landscape view) by placing both thumbs in the middle of the keyboard and sliding them apart. As your thumbs reach each side you’ll see the keyboard split down the middle, it takes some getting used to but very beneficial for your typing speed.

With all these cool gestures be sure to keep a firm grip on your iPad, if things get out of control our iPad Screen Repair is standing by!



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