No Blog: What’s Up?

Hey Guys & Gals,

There hasn’t been a blog post in a few days and some may be thinking “I’m following because?”…

Well, they say sharing personal content can bring about mixed emotions when it comes to business. I however am not worried about “they” and not many entrepreneurs are.

Recently my father had some medical issues after surgery and I’ve been busy worried about him as I’m sure he worried about me in my early years. He’s been staying with me and my wife for the past few days.

It’s funny how things turn around and indeed you need to be there for your parents. With years of diaper changes and temper tantrums it’s the least we, as children can do. They say respect your elders and we all know my feelings on “them”, I say do what you naturally feel.

If you don’t naturally want to help your parents in time of need then maybe something went wrong in your childhood. I didn’t have a perfect one but I sure won’t let that stand in way of caring for my parents….

Enough blabber…more write ups to come!


Your CEO


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