Apple CEO: iPhone 5S & iPad Mini 2 Delayed

The iPad Mini 2 and the iPhone 5S won’t be released as planned… says CEO Cook on today’s earnings call.


So we won’t be seeing a thinner, lighter, Mini or a faster 5S until Fall by most speculations. How does this abode with the company’s poor earnings and an ever shrinking market share?


Most agree that now is the time for Apple to create that new innovative product that brings shock value back into the company’s products. Competing manufacturers are producing models that from a hardware standpoint, outright beat the iPhone.

Don’t let this fool you, there are more iPhones being sold than ever with a strong fan base the company isn’t going anywhere. Cook speaks about new products releasing “from late to 2013 through 2014”.

While this news doesn’t affect many, I do recommend those with upgrades (with your wireless carrier) to not wait and purchase the iPhone 5. This will allow you to have an upgrade available when the iPhone 6 is released (for most carriers).

When you do decide to upgrade don’t trash your old iPhone or iPad, we’ll buy it for cash!


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