iPad Screen Repair: The Repair Process

iPad Screen Repair


Our iPad Screen Repair is top notch. We only use the highest quality glass screens when repairing your device. We stock all the needed parts on-site for a quick and painless fix.

We use a proprietary device in order to install the glass with perfection. Our glass is flawless, our techniques are mastered, and our technicians are certified.

You can’t ask for much more when looking to fix your broken iPad screen.

Remember, all of our repairs include the longest warranty in the industry!

When you break your iPad screen it’s hard enough, getting your device fixed shouldn’t be, Mobile Genius has your cost effective solution. Take a look at the details on how we perform an iPad screen replacement.

iPad 2 Screen Replacement Service:
We all now how amazing a device the iPad 2 can be. The iPad can do anything from writing a letter to an all out iPad crazed gaming adventure. All this fun and productivity may come at a price if you drop or damage your iPad. This is where Mobile Genius excels.

We can take your broken iPad, replace the glass screen, and have it back in your hands before you can even miss a full day of playing “words with friends” or browsing social media.

The process:
The iPad repair process begins as soon as we receive your device. Our certified technicians first test the functionality of each and every device that we receive. Once the repair you chose is confirmed by our technicians to indeed be the repair needed, we get to work.

The removal of the broken touchscreen is a delicate process. Once the glass is removed the entire area in which the new touchscreen will be installed is prepped. This includes a full internal cleaning of your device along with other items on our checklist.

Upon install your new touchscreen your iPad goes into a special machine to “seat” the glass properly. If you have severely dented corners on the aluminum housing we may have to mill some aluminum. This type of damage may allow dust to enter the unit, if this is the case a Mobile Genius representative will call you to discuss the repair via phone.

Have a question if this repair is right for you?
Call us @ 888-259-9174 for a free consultation by one of our sales representatives.


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