Customized Solutions: Customizing Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

The iPhone is indeed one very capable device that has held an iconic design over the last five years.

Although we haven’t seen a drastic redesign or even a release of colors as rumors have implied, there are still options out there for the “black sheep”‘ iOS user.

20130422-205942.jpgiPhone 4S in custom pink variation.

We can customize your iPhone 4, 4S, or your iPhone 5 to a “dream it we can build it” standard.

Wether you’d like an orange screen, a yellow home button, a clear back or just a simple rear glass color change anything is possible with our process.

Set your iPhone apart from the other billion plus devices.

Along with the multitude of color options for the iPhone, we also offer custom colors for your iPad and iPod Touch.

Want a blue iPad? No problem. Yellow iPod Touch? Sure!

All of our customizations include our industry leading 1 year warranty!

If you want to stand out from the crowd your opportunity is now. Our certified technicians are standing by awaiting the next great combination of colors.

Call our toll free number at 888.259.9174 or visit our website for colors and pricing. For secure ordering use the non mobile version of our catalog.

iPhone Color Conversions have been our speciality since 2010 offering the first white conversions offered in the Northeast.

You can also find iPad Color Conversions online!


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