iPhone 6 Wrap-Around Screen: Truth to the rumors?

Some images have been circulating the web as usual of crazy designs of iPhone concepts but one sticks out to us more than all the others.

This new concept by T3 is actually something to talk about when it comes to smartphone innovation.


T3′s depiction of the iPhone 6 as they are calling it is definitely a jaw dropping change that could send sales through the roof gaining market share around the globe.

Maybe the stockholders who lost 30% can see some relief if indeed curved LCDs are a reality for the Apple line up.

So I know what you’re thinking. What is the chance any of this is even remotely possible?

Here’s the Mobile Genius Take:
It’s almost exactly what Apple needs at this point to keep its “innovative image” keeping its top spot among tech giants of the last decade. Here’s why we believe that this actually could be testing within Apple.

Curved Glass
We brought you a story a few years ago about Apple purchasing costly curved glass cutting machines in which they have yet to use in any public product.

Apple placed a large order of these machines, not the few that would be needed to create thousands of prototype devices.

One machine could easily create enough prototypes in no time to fill the entire campus. As of now Apple still has these machines under its asset list. Is the cash cow Apple holding on to these because they can and indeed the order was a huge mistake? I don’t think so.

They have the ability to produce a curved glass touchscreen and incorporate it with either their own flexible LCD creation or one from a leading firm.

In simple terms Apple can actually produce this idea which I can admit has me excited.

Curved Glass: A Way To Job’s Vision
This rendering shows an iPhone without the trusty physical side buttons we have used for the last 5 years. Steve Jobs was known for his dislike of physically buttons and wanted a “button free” iPhone since its creation.

He had even been known to have ranted about this issue in several articles on iPhone design.

It was known upon his death that he had four years of devices already in the pipeline. Does this give any validity to the possibility of this design?

Design: Is It Possible? The Technicals
I know what many are thinking, how do we accomplish this curved display, or LCD? Many companies have been working on flexible LCDs and many have actually been show in market. With Apple’s production and design ability there’s no doubt in our minds that they can develop an in house flexible LCD, the inhibitor would be price.

Conclusion: Years Away
Do we think that this is possible for the iPhone 6? No. Do we believe the technology exists? Yes. Will it be released into the public? Who knows, but all of these clues aren’t rumors. They are factual.

Apple did purchase equipment to create a curved glass touchscreen and the LCD technology is in market.

As with all rumors Apple fans will fantasize about what could be on the horizon but until release day we never really know, especially from a company like Apple.

While we all await what may come in the iPhone 6, don’t forget we provide iPhone 5 screen repair, or your new iPad Mini screen repaired in no time. Hey, it’s like getting a new iPhone right?


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