Our iPhone 5 Tear Down Written By Micah

Salutations Friends,

I hope your weekend was super-fun. I have some good news and some bad news.

Good news: Josh and Alex successfully tore down the iPhone the day before it was available via Apple stores! 3 HOURS before any other tear-down was visible on the web. We immediately sent (via twitter) our teardown links to 25 of the most influential tech writers @: Engadget, Gizmodo, 9-5 Mac, Redmond Pie, CNET, etc…

The bad news? They ignored it. ENTIRELY.

Hours later ifixit’s teardown was listed as underway. The powers that be in the techy universe immediately released those links to the web..

The NEXT DAY they finished. Now, please understand; I know ifixit did a better job of documenting every step, beautifully. They do this, year after year. Practice makes perfect. We still had the i5 torn down first.

I have a LIST of improvements to make for next time. Honestly though, with this knowledge of how it actually works; WHY would we go to the enormous effort of pulling this off, to be shunned? They pretended it didn’t happen.

As if you didn’t know; $ rules the world. Disenchanting, WEAK sauce.

Mobile Genius / FixMyiPhone iPhone 5 initial teardown exploded view


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