New iPhone 5 – No network connection fix

Some users are having this problem. Here’s the solution:

Internet fix- makesure wifi is off in settings

then go back: settings/safari/clear cookies&data

go to general: ~ reset ~ reset network settings

iPhone restarts

ZIP… Hope this helps


4 thoughts on “New iPhone 5 – No network connection fix

  1. If you activated your new ATT iPhone 5 online and don’t get any indication of an internet connection via cellular data, it it most likely because your Data Plan did not transfer. First try the “Settings/General/Reset/Network connections” exercise, if that doesn’t work, you will need to call the carrier’s tech support.

    It is my understanding that the iPhone 5 has different internal ATT code numbers than the iPhone 4. So, when you upgrade to the new phone and activate online, the data plan goes away … a call to ATT tech support will correct this. (They will internally stop your old iPhone 4 data plan and activate a new iPhone 5 data plan, albeit with the same cost/data package.)

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