Custom shortcuts are RAD

Everyone knows I can’t type. I make machines hum, but txt? Weakness. Simply, there were more girls in Home-Ec than typing class. I was a new kid, I didn’t know ANYONE. So a day into typing class, I was gone. I hunted and pecked along just fine until; iOS 5 introduced Text Expansion. NICE.

A. Create custom typing shortcuts by opening settings, general, keyboard, then add new shortcut.

Phrase: type the word / phrase you want your shortcut to auto-type.

Shortcut: type the shortcut you actually want to type. Hit save.

Example: Would you like “cu” to expand to “see you in a bit”

type “see you in a bit” under phrase and “cu” under shortcut.. (1 tap on ? and you change the meaning entirely.)

Repeat for ALL your most typed phrases. Enough with the rotfl ciadb nonsense.


eml – Your email address

phn –  Your phone #

addr – Your address

sig – Your signature

ctcl- Can’t talk, I’ll call you later.

fmin- See you in 5 minutes

thx- Thank You!

Perhaps you have turned your Mac laptop into a cracked mess?

We honestly enjoy overcoming ALL of these machine’s issues


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