Lock those volume buttons

We’ve all done it.

Blue sky, raining.. Whatever floats your boat. Everything is fine.

You are jarred from your task by your iPhone, a normal ring for a call from some random acquaintance.

You are waiting for an important call and you need to stay focused.

You politely answer and quickly ditch the call. Back in the pocket.. purse?

Half an hour later you look at your phone to find; You missed THE CALL. “Somehow” you inadvertently  lowered the volume.


Did you know you can lock those left-side volume buttons?

A. The 3 step process.

Go to Settings, tap Sounds, adjust the volume to your preference.

(This setting controls both the Ringer and Alerts levels.)

Move the “Change with Buttons” slider to “off.”         Buttons disabled.

Your pocket can no longer adjust the  volume, and no-one but you knows; you have no excuse for missing that call.

But you didn’t miss it. Because your phone sounded crystal clear.

A submarine’s background piercing sonar ping, or a banjo player without soul is trying desperately to be freed from your pocket.

FRESH.. Bored of having an iPhone that looks just like all the others?



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