automatic typing

We have all had our issues with auto-correction in the past. It often causes embarrassment at the very least.  Honestly, I turn it off quite a bit.

But here is a solid iOS time saver. Hitting the apostrophe is two “extra” taps. So time to re-wire your brain.

You have experienced “youre”, “dont”, and “its,”  tap the space key, voila the pleasant transformation into “you’re”, “don’t”, and “it’s.”

But now, We dig a bit deeper. There are many auto-corrections craftily hidden from sight, until you find them.

weree → we’re
welll → we’ll
shelll → she’ll
helll → he’ll
itst → its
Have you found some other nonconformist auto-corrections? Please share them in the comments.
Thanks to tap tap tap for these.
Has you’re iPad taken 1 too many hits?

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